We evaluate clients from 2 years of age through adulthood, of all ability levels,  for a wide variety of referral reasons

Services provided include:

∗Diagnostic assessment of behavioral, emotional, and social difficulties

 ∗Screening, diagnosis, and assessment of developmental delay and Autism Spectrum Disorders

 ∗Evaluation of learning difficulties, attention problems, and other factors that negatively affect school performance
 ∗Assessment to determine qualification for gifted or other special education programs
 ∗Forensic Evaluations
Private school admissions testing.  Dr. Ellis is a contract psychologist for the Joint Admissions Testing Program (JATP)





The Evaluation Process

All evaluation and testing services generally begin with a comprehensive interview to clarify the history of problems and other issues that may add insight into the development and maintenance of the difficulties. The child/adolescent or adult being tested may be requested to complete questionnaires designed help the evaluator gain a better understanding of issue(s) of concern.

Frequently, parents, teachers, physicians, and/or others familiar with the person being tested will also be requested to complete questionnaires or participate in telephone or in-person interviews in an effort to obtain a comprehensive picture of the evaluee's functioning across a variety of settings and in a number of domains. When possible, previous report cards, progress reports, or job evaluations are requested to assist in documenting the history of learning, attention, or organizational problems. Standardized tests are used to assess cognitive skills and abilities.

After evaluations have been completed, a subsequent appointment is scheduled to provide a comprehensive and easily understandable written and verbal report of the evaluation results.  

Recommendations for appropriate courses of action as well as service referrals are additionally provided. The recommendations offered will provide the client and his/her family members (when applicable) strategies to employ in the home, academic, or occupational environment and help guide educators or employers in providing needed accommodations and modifications. During this meeting, the evaluee and his/her parent(s)/guardian(s) (when applicable) is provided an opportunity to ask and have answered questions.