Ellis Evaluation & Consulting Services offers cost-effective, comprehensive assessment  services to any child or adolescent (preschool-high school) who is  experiencing difficulties at home (e.g., conflict with parents or siblings, developmental delays), in school (e.g., aggressive or disruptive behavior, hyperactivity/inattention,  academic/learning problems, conflict with teachers), with peers (e.g., fighting, rejection,  substance use), in the community (e.g., stealing, vandalism, truancy), or with the law.

We specialize in conducting psycho-educational, developmental, clinical, and forensic evaluations. We also provide treatment services for children, parents, and families involved in family law litigation. We serve clients in California, Georgia, Nevada, and Tennessee.


Ellis Evaluation & Consulting  Services is a psychological practice dedicated to providing comprehensive, unbiased, and useful  psychological evaluation, assessment, and consultative services to assist in the determination of the most effective course of intervention to address  difficulties associated with:

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